How To Acquire 10lbs Of MUSCLE (5 Suggestions)

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7 Causes Why You Cannot Construct Muscle:

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On this video, fly with johnny thai will present you guys how he made positive aspects over the previous years he has been workiing out. He gained 10lbs of muscle his first 12 months of taking lifting significantly. Though he is not the “swolest” as a result of he by no means took weight lifting significantly till now, these are the 5 ideas that helped him construct his physique that he has at the moment. Respectable. For being asian too lol.

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23 thoughts on “How To Acquire 10lbs Of MUSCLE (5 Suggestions)”

  1. I'm a little overweight right now, and I'm wondering if its possible to burn fat and gain muscle at one time or should I focus on fat loss first? I want to lose about 20 lbs

  2. Just eat 500 more calories per day. I think you mean cardio in moderation. Cardio is important because when your bulking you tend to put on more fat this way you tend to break down more storage energy while lifting. Something I recommend is doing 15 minutes of swimming after you finish your lifting because swimming works every and it burns fat anaerobic which mean you don’t have oxygen to make use energy slower so you need use more of your fat to get through the Excerise. But everyone is different what works for me doesn’t work for you. If I were you I would give more of the science behind these tips.

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