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Namaste Lovely Yogis! Simply needed to provide you guys a fast replace on what is going on on with my youtube channel and announce some thrilling stuff arising. We’ll have a brand new class for you each Sunday and a 30 day Yoga problem starting January 2, 2019 and also you’re all invited to hitch. I even have T Shirts, Tank Tops, Canvas Totes, Matching Child’s Tshirts, Lengthy Sleeve Shirts obtainable on my web site: – obtainable within the US, Europe, Australia, Canada, and so on.

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Take pleasure in this video. I would love to listen to from you.
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29 thoughts on “Channel Replace | Ali Kamenova Yoga”

  1. Good to hear the news, can´t wait to do the challenge… since I´ve been wacthing your yoga classe my life has change a lot…. I´m so gratefull <3 I tell everybody I know about yoga and your recipes and wisdom about health and astrology. lot´s of love for you and your family and the beautiful work you do. <3

  2. 2016 and the first half of 2017 i did your classes almost exclusively. at one point i did all of them from oldest to newest. after that i explored other options more deeply and only came back here occassionally. i was planning on incorporating more of your classes again, becaue i really appreciate their (and your) intensity, depth and grace. so excited for the new content. 🙂

  3. I never really comment on youtube, but this time I really want to express my gratefulness for you and your classes!! Your classes bring so much needed spirituality in my western life, I feel that doing yoga has enlighted my journey in discovering myself immeasurably, I am very grateful to you Ali for helping me to fall in love with yoga! Wish you all the best and please don't stop teaching us! Namaste!

  4. I started practicing yoga last January, I discovered your channel earlier this year and absolutely love your classes, they really push me, are challenging but fun at the same time, thank you so much for your classes, my favourites are the longer ones 45 min – an hour, ps I love your dog too xxxx

  5. Thank you so much Ali! I'm a rower and have always loved how your practices combine fluidity and high intensity. If possible, I'd love to see some more classes in your old format of having voiceover and music (rather than talking as you practice)- I'm not sure if those videos are more difficult to produce but I always found them a lot more enjoyable and relaxing. Thanks so much! <3

  6. i don't really left comments on youtube but i have to tell you how thankful i am of you. I've been doing your classes religiously, 3-4 times a week, for 2 years and i got into the best shape i've ever been! But then i got satisfied with how i look and started to slack off and now i'm pretty much out of shape hahaha but i've been back on track again for about a month now and i'm so grateful to know that you continue to share your beautiful classes for free!

    Out of all the workout/yoga channel on youtube you are the only one who keep me hooked and excited to try new classes! Thank you thank you thank you and i will always support you Ali! i'm super excited for the new year's challenge!

    My best wishes to you and your beautiful family<3

  7. Been with you six years now, a beautiful journey. I love the new look and am happy to return to power yoga, especially in these cold months of being trapped in the house. I always find that you bring what I need into your practice, and I'm happy to support your teaching and vision through the membership. ❤❤❤

  8. Yes almost six years ago there weren't many channel and luckily I found you. Whatever yoga I know today it's really because of you. I tried some other channels also after that. But whenever I start again after a long gap, I still prefer your videos. Thanks and stay blessed

  9. You know you're in the minority when the apparel is mostly suit for the other gender. That won't make me not love this channel anymore, though! The apparel looks amazing, btw. I'll make sure to at least order a tank top. I always wanted to try pink anyway. 😉

  10. Love love love beautiful yogi you, made me laugh when Jonny had to tell you 2012… I was telling you too hahaha! Look forward to the challenge and Sam is too, he's getting into his yogi swing. Xx

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