Cease Giving Your Energy Away To Different Individuals –

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33 thoughts on “Cease Giving Your Energy Away To Different Individuals –”

  1. I mean the best by being only me, but I am unusual. Perhaps I should learn to accept that I am not like others, and I don't mean that I am "unique" in a way that can be appreciated. Ugh, no one wants to be alone, no matter how good they hope to be.

    I am who I am, I can only be me, I'm no good at being someone else, but how do I not feel lonely being the guy who is uncomfortably direct? I don't mean being rude to others, I don't think being a jerk is being honest, I just mean, there seems to be an expected level of hiding who we really are, and the older I get, with the choice I made earlier not to be false, I don't fit with people from my past, I don't fit from people I meet.

    Meh, I am just thinking out loud.

    Thank you for this video, and thanks for the message it puts out. Good is good, light is light, you're an awesome person, and I'm grateful that someone felt this was worth sharing, because it truly is.

  2. Thank you!!! I learned this when I was a toddler being sexually abused. I had to survive and I was happy not during those event but in my life. I laughed everday the world became hilarious to me . I loved my brothers and went on adventures with them, I loved my friends, I loved my pets, I loved everything but those events. I do appreciate the insight and antennas I gained from the events. Thank you for sharing your views on this important subject

  3. Sometimes people that we trust, people we give our energy to and kindness, they take us by surprise and in their selfishness assume wrong things about us. I agree that it's within our right to assert ourselves and to calmly stay our ground. . But it's also a DISAPPOINTMENT and a pain of:"How could they ? I trusted that person (to be loving) and they decided to take advantage and how can they think like that". It just plain hurts. We know to meditate and try not to think about it so to let it go. The world is crazy so we are to "expect the madness". Nothing should ever be a surprise. It's so easy to hurt your heart, how can we install a steel cage around it? How can we float above the madness like an eagle without losing trust? Will you start despising people in advance and prejudging them as a result? I am not even talking about people we don't know.

  4. Hi Owen!   I just watched this video of your today and I agree with you.   We get chances everyday to apply this knowledge about being ourselves, regardless of how other people are behaving.   Sometimes are easier than others and it takes awareness.   Awareness is the key.  Otherwise, we are just reactors with no power.   I think it is also linked with codependence, which is another reactive position.    Like you said,  it is happening for us, not to us.  It is not personal.  Once we take things personally, we have lost our power.   When you say "for us", I take it as an opportunity to wake up and realize as a gift to get to yourself and your self empowerment.   It is freeing once it is realized by actualization and true self awareness.    
    I am happy for you that you are free and that you are sending out your powerful videos.   I am certain you are helping many awake. 
    Thank you,

  5. We do not need to be at the mercy of other people's behaviors. We can have emotional wellness no matter what if we tune into who we are. Stop Giving Your Power Away! 
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    Love Thyself
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